Davyne Verstandig

Writing Workshop Testimonials

Davyne's workshop not only push its participants to become better writers, but to radically perceive themselves. She spurs on a transformation, and it is that very transformation, that radical self-awareness, that makes one a better writer. 
-R.  A

Your intros were helpful and prompts simple but geared to make us tap into our inner self. You encouraged pure thought by giving us just enough time to mine the good stuff without enough time to add bling.

The workshop brought me back again and again to the answer that I already knew. The decades-old conflicts of angst, procrastination, and doubts were released when I let the pen lead the way and not the illusory expectations of others. K. E.

On the first night, it took us a little time to get oriented, but in your kind yet no-nonsense manner you soon had us settled down and focused. That night the tone was set: arrive on time, settle in quickly and prepare to focus on writing

The energy of diverse souls writing from their core in pure silence is a unique experience.
How is it you can guide us to a place of deeper understanding of ourselves through the art of writing and reflection, (without thinking)?!

Davyne taught me to seek silence. Then, I was free to hear. To write.

Davyne’s compassion and insight relaxes beginner and seasoned writer alike, which creates an ambiance of trust reducing fear and hesitancy to risk free expression.

She is on intimate terms with the toolbox necessary for building ideas into fleshed-out sketches and then fully realized work. A writer's writer and master teacher is she.

Davyne is a very engaging teacher. She shares her devotion to the writing life and its potential for illumination and personal transformation.